Silvadec FIBRES Products

The company Silvadec FIBRES produces natural wood meals from softwood.

Our products are made of 100% natural wood from sustainably managed forests. They therefore comply perfectly with the environmental standards in force and are part of an ecological approach.

Our range of products allows us to meet the needs of our customers in the composite wood industry, filtration but also in the field of livestock with bedding and drying and still in many other areas.

Wood flour 200 microns
Wood flour 500 microns
Wood flour 800 microns
Wood flour 1000 microns
Wood flour 2000 microns

Applications of Silvadec FIBRES products

  • Plastic industry: In the manufacture of plastic parts, the porosity of wood flour allows to absorb additives such as plasticizers or stabilizers.
  • Paper / cardboard industry: additive for the production of paper and cardboard.
  • Automotive industry: Wood flour allows the manufacture of parts of low weight. Wood flour can also be used in the production of brake pads.
  • Elastomers: Wood flour can be combined with elastomers (rubber). Loaded with wood flour, their characteristics are improved.
  • Building glues: Wood flour corresponds to a regular wetting of the substrate and to an improved filling of the glue joints.
  • Filtration: Combined with suitable materials, thanks to its absorbency of wood flour allows a high filtration action.
  • Manufacture of cleaning products for surface cleaning: Due to its high absorption capacity, wood flour allows industrial cleaning to have particularly effective products for cleaning, drying oils, tiles and surfaces in general.


Grinding, drying and marketing of sawdust and wood flour

For all needs Silvadec FIBRES proposes to study your request and to manufacture it the way you want.