Process of manufacturing

Design of our flours:

We mainly work with primary sawdust. It is a noble product that has not been contaminated by treatments but has a high moisture content (35 to 55%). The first step is to dry the material according to the moisture demanded by our customers. This is a crucial step that ensures a constant quality of our finished products.

Primary processing sawdust. Noble product not soiled.

Once dried, the sawdust is crushed and then sieved. Our production equipment has been designed to minimize our waste. All the sawdust transformed into flour by our mill and whose granulometry is higher than the demands of our customers returns to the grinding circuit until obtaining a sufficient ripening. Finally, the finished product after several quality checks is packaged either in bulk, big bag or bag as required.


  1. Drying of the raw material.
  2. Product output for drying service or transfer to the grinding unit.
  3. Separation of heavy bodies (stones, metals, large pieces of wood…).
  4.  Grinding.
  5. First sieving to return to the crusher the particles larger than the requested particle size.
  6. Second sifting according to customer needs.
  7. Packaging (bulk, big bags, bags).